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Hey! I am Daniel Meyer

I am a Cape Town based UX/UI Designer / Town and Regional Planner

BT & RP (Hons) Degree

FEND (Udacity) Nanodegree

Motion Design Certified

Hootsuite Certified

Certificate in Website Coding & UX/UI Design

Google Certified

About Me

“I strive to create intuitive and beautiful user experiences from conception to implementation, while constantly challenging myself and learning new skills and technologies in interface design, front-end development and urban planning.”


My Skills include: UX/UI Web Design, WordPress, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, Social Media Marketing, PPC: Google AdWords Campaigns, Motion Design, Town and Regional Planning

View my motion graphics on Vimeo

My Qualifications

“Google has recognized me as an Google Ads certified professional, meaning that I’ve passed multiple exams that assess my product expertise. I’m qualified to help you grow your business on the web using Google Ads.” View my profile here on Google Academy. I offer an Honours degree from the University of Pretoria as well as various other certificates, along with valuable work experience gained at a digital agency.
I had the opportunity to work closely with other professionals in the digital space to ensure compelling content and design. I proved myself as a responsible person who can be depended upon to manage multiple accounts. 

Google Analytics and Google Ads certified professional

List of things I can do for you

My Portfolio of clients & websites

Do you like my work?

Let’s meet and chat. Coffee or Tea on me :-))

Cape Town, South Africa

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