Want to stand out on YouTube? Then take advantage of these promotional tactics:


1. Start with engaging and exciting titles

Titles will make-or-break your video’s performance. The key here is to grab your Audience’s attention with clickbait headlines, as people will crave content that’s entertaining and want to know what the video is all about from the get-go. Use listicles, question-based titles, or exaggerated statements like for example “insane,” or “…of all time” to get that views up. Spend some time thinking of some engaging titles before taking any title that comes to mind.


2. Include YouTube SEO

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world and the top 100 Google search results will show up 70% of YouTube videos first. Google it and see for yourself that any product or how-to questions will return a YouTube video. Your YouTube channel needs to be optimized for keywords, tags, etc. if you want to increase your chances of showing up in the search results. Follow and implement some of these best practices for YouTube SEO:

  • Titles and description: Add targetted keywords in your titles and descriptions and use tools like Google keyword planner or Keywordtool.io to help you find ideas for keywords to use.
  • Add keywords in your video: Include targetted keywords in your videos to help YouTube better understand what your video is about. Use long-tail keywords that make sense to your brand or product.
  • Engagement: Ask your viewers to like, comment, share and subscribe to your videos as YouTube uses engagement to determine where to rank videos in its search results.
  • Categories: Categories will help YouTube understand who to show your videos to.
  • Tags: Also add tags to your videos as this gives YouTube more context about your content. Use as many tags as you want or can think of.


3. Get to know your audience and what content they want

One of the things you could do is to take a look at your competitors or any other video creators in your industry. Have a look at some of their videos that gets the most views and engagement. This is a good idea to get topics of what your audience wants to watch or learn about and what type of videos they want to see. You can also look at your YouTube analytics if you’ve already uploaded videos before as this can give you information about your demographics, location, engagement, and some other stats about your videos.


4. Engage with others on YouTube

YouTube represents a community where other users can engage by liking and commenting on videos. By regularly interacting with your viewers is also seen as a positive by YouTube. Engage with your subscribers and build a stronger connection with your audience. Like and pin comments to show appreciation and also answer questions.


5. Create your own thumbnails

YouTube will automatically take a screenshot from any of your videos and will use it as the thumbnail. The image can sometimes be very blurry or not what you want to use. Making your own thumbnail will make your videos look very appealing and professional. You can use canva to create these templates or use your own template with a particular font or style to make it more consistent.


6. Add links in your descriptions and cross-promote your videos

Drop links in the description of a video and encourage viewers to check some of your older or previous videos. Add links in your description as this encourages viewers to watch your videos all the way to the end.


7. Always promote your YouTube with SEO in mind

Product reviews, how-to’s, and videos that are 10 minutes or longer, that covers keyword-specific topics tend to rank very well. Capitalize on trending buzzwords in your industry and consider how you can incorporate that into your YouTube channel.


8. Have giveaways or contests

Keep it simple by having the viewers like your video, leave a comment or subscribe to your channel. Always follow the best practices for running social media contests. Give away gifts that are related to your brand or channel as you don’t just want to attract freebie-seekers.


9. Create a video series to encourage users to subscribe to your channel

Create a video series that covers a specific theme or topic is another smart way to promote your channel.


10. Embed your YouTube videos on your website

YouTube videos will improve your website conversion rates and lower the bounce rate. Embed a video on your website for visitors to stay on your product page or blog post.


11. Organize your YouTube content better by creating a playlist

It will become very difficult for users to navigate through your channel with lots of videos. A playlist will sort out this problem by grouping your videos into categories which will then organize your channel better.


12. Always ask users to get more engagement

Not everyone who watches your videos will like it or subscribe to your channel. Ask a question so they can answer it in the comments or link other videos in the description for them to take action.


13. Have you tried live streaming?

Have a look at some of the most popular YouTube live videos to see how other brands are using live streaming.


14. Collaborating with other users

Collaborate with other brands and creators that share similar content as this will make your videos look authentic. The key here is to find a successful collaboration with the right partner.


15. Paid YouTube ad campaigns

You can also promote your YouTube channel with paid ads and YouTube offers a variety of paid ad options to choose from. These include display ads, Overlay ads, Skippable and non-skippable video ads, bumper ads, and sponsored cards.

  • Display ads only show up on the right-hand sidebar of videos and they are only available for desktop. 
  • Overlay ads or semi-transparent ads are displayed at the bottom of the video and they are only available on desktop.
  • Skippable and non-skippable video ads are shown before, during, or after a video. You can skip these ads after 5 seconds but non-skippable ads you have to watch all the way.
  • Bumper ads or non-skippable ads you have to watch and can only be 6 seconds long.
  • Sponsored cards are just cards that get displayed within the video to promote products or other content.

16. Always share your YouTube content on your social media channels


Let your social media followers know once your new video goes live and also encourage them to subscribe.


How do you create amazing YouTube videos and animations?


The above tips require some effort but each one of these tips can help you get more views and subscribers to your channel. I use Viddyoze to create all of my stunning YouTube videos for clients. Check them out below:

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