Don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for a web developer to code your website? Then a website builder might just be the answer for you or your small business. Finding the best website builder can be very tricky and daunting for beginners. There are tons of website builders out there and how can you choose the right one for you or your business?


I am here to help you choose the best website builder and the one with the most popular options than any of the other website builders. First, you must decide what you want to do with your website? What is the main goal of your website and what features do you want on your website. Always have a look at what your competitors are doing if you are unsure or check other websites for inspiration. Do you want a blog, photo or media features, eCommerce site, social integration, etc? Think of what you want to incorporate on your site and write it all down.


Nowadays almost all of the new website builders offer a drag and drop user interface which makes it very easy to build your own website from scratch. Most of the website builders offer free plans or trial periods for you to test out before you make your final decision.


Just consider your growth options and if you will be regularly updating your website with blogs or selling products because you need to make sure the website builder is capable of handling all of this as your business grows or expands.


I’ve worked on various website builders over the past 10 years and when I review and pick the best website builder I use these five criteria:

  1. It must be super easy to use for absolute beginners and come with drag-and-drop functionality, editing tools, and customization options.
  2. I check if it offers the most value for the price and what options are included like for example a free domain, SSL certificate, business email, and eCommerce.
  3. The website builder must offer lots of design templates or themes and if one can add other plugins or features like SEO, Google Analytics, or other third-party marketing tools.
  4. Does it offer support or are there forums and communities available?
  5. Data ownership: Make sure you own your data should you want to switch to a different provider.


I recommend WordPress and Elementor as one of the top website builders to use in 2021 without hiring a developer. Click on the below banner to have a look at what Elementor can offer you for your WordPress website:



The world’s most popular website building platform is and is known as the self-hosted WordPress. WordPress is powered by over 39% of all the websites on the internet. Just take note that I am talking about and NOT as there are 2 versions of WordPress available. is on my top list of website builders because of its popularity, very powerful features, easily scalable, and very easy to use.


WordPress is open source and free to use and this provides maximum control over your website. With you would need a hosting account to host your own website. This is also very easy to set up and to choose that perfect hosting company. I’ve used various hosting companies before and one that I can recommend is iPage, click on the banner below to find out more:




WordPress is very versatile and gives you complete control over every aspect of your website. You can use WordPress to build any kind of website. I recommend using Elementor Pro with WordPress to create any type of design your heart desires. You can easily create an eCommerce store, forums, social networks, membership sites, a simple one-pager website, or landing with Elementor.


WordPress offers thousands of themes that are high-quality and pre-made for you to design your website. Elementor is an amazing drop and drag builder that allows you to create any page layout very easily.



WordPress also offers more than 58000 free plugins and lots of apps to add additional features and functionality to your website. You can easily add a shopping cart, forms, SEO, Google Analytics, media, chats and customize your website’s CSS. You can even create multilingual websites as WordPress is fully translated into many different languages.


WordPress is by far the most cheapest and powerful website builder on the market and search engines love WordPress. WordPress comes with powerful SEO tools and plugins which means your website will always get the highest rankings on search engines.


WordPress in my opinion is the world’s number 1 website builder and content management system for business owners, bloggers, web developers, and web designers.



The only downside is that you will need to manage your own website and familiarize yourself with the system and how to update plugins for example. Remember to also keep your WordPress website up to date with the latest versions and always create backups to keep your site secure. Most of the top hosting companies will provide backups of your website should something go wrong. If you want a secure website I recommend using Sucuri, click the banner below to learn more:




Unfortunately to get started with WordPress you would need a domain name and web hosting which typically costs about $20 per year for the domain name and around $4 per month for hosting your website. iPage is only $1.99 per month!

iPage site builder banner


Ready to get started but don’t know how? If all of this is too complicated for you, I can help you build and design a WordPress website. Just contact me by filling in the form and I will get back to you soonest with a quote.

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